Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Update#3: The dojo shops will opening this month and we prove through our shop apparel of our dojo and the second will provide an Organic based mushroom tea, coffee and nutritional supplements I have personally been using for myself and feel comfortable with backing.
Update #2: November 1st will be starting Children's and Teen Classes at the dojo.
During the week there will be individual classes for children and teens as well as adults to training and a special class on Sunday called family class and Parents and Kids will train and work together to learn as a Family to learn budo and ninpo taijutsu.
Updates: #1. A group of us are looking to open an Eastcoast Shinto Jinja(Shrine), Rev, Koichi Barrish, and his wife are looking to move to the east coast around NYC/NJ Area.
Right now we are in the planning and network stages, this will require a lot of funding.
This project we will be 5 to possibly 10 years to complete.
The discussion has been the shrine will be Shinto events and training and us concerning have additional space Shingon and Tendai events and training.
This will help is get the backing of the Japanese community and the Japanese Spiritual community.
We are building a dojo and dorms on site. I will be opening a special group for the networking and planning. Please, contact me about helping out.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Updating our Youtube Channel

The old videos have been remove from the channel and this we will be placing new video from from the dojo. The new cameras are here and have a full set for filming. 2017 we will posting material taught our dojo.

The first of video will be kenko undo, Ukemi, nutrition, etc. I give this some serious thought, but Kata and Waza training should begin in my opinion; You should learn to warm-up and exercise, how to supply the with good food and how to train on your own when your away from the dojo.

I'm own struggle with my weight and health has taught me this; this is where we will begin together on a journey together, I not here to taught but to share.

December 2016-Missed Classes and Dojo Closings.

The dojo is now open; we apologize for December 2016; as we had a lot of family emergency and dojo was closed a lot. We apologize to Anyone who missed An appointment.